Choices are made on the canvas, as in life, between the real and the unspeakable. 
I choose my Models at random from the street, or in my surroundings. 
These black, white and Asian faces are as many “Alices” in a globalized world.
I try to reveal their point of balance between strength and fragility. 
The contradictions that shape us are welcomed by working with light and shadow: one is only revealed by the presence of the other…  
Then, in the silence of the workshop, the time given to the canvas nourishes the inspiration; It is a long way to reach the other as much as to oneself. The opposite of the surrounding frenzy.
The moment of grace
I am interested in all the stages by which this other reality arrives: the act of painting as one explores a continent.



Turn it up and soak it in...

Artistic meeting:
Zalika King / music
Anne Dewailly / paint

The workshop

photo atelier Anne Dewailly
photo blouse peintre Anne Dewailly

Pictures Robin Lempire


His heart is a jungle where the spirits speak…
His brushes wrap volcanoes
in a veil of silk.

Star eater,
is demanding accountability for a child’s dreams.

She crosses rivers on the back of the Golden Eagle,
the full moon coming up behind his back.

With his teeth,
she tears the mystery of the flowers of sorrow.
The crumpled peonies smile at her
on a Persian rug.

Tapping into the heavenly juices of mankind,
she cures us of beauty
like the Chalk Queen
on the sidewalks of Venice.

le 19.1.2020
Angélica Ferrant

Extract of Artist interview by Laura Gomez

Inspiration is all around us.
We just have to grab it. It can be a black shadow on a white wall that the reflection of the sun in the morning dew on a spider’s web stuck in a skylight.
It’s graphic, magical. 
It’s another vision of reality, an eye.